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Women's World Day of Prayer

This event is arranged by ladies of the Anglican, Baptist, Methodist and Roman Catholic Churches in Calne, it takes place in a different Calne Church each year. The introduction to this years service says WDP began as seperate days of prayer organised by individual denominations in America in the mid 1800s and has now become a truly international and ecumenical day of prayer. Just as our prayers encircle the world, so God encircles us with his love.

Every four years an international meeting is held to decide a theme for future years together with Bible passages. Different countries then produce the service based on the chosen theme.

There is a National Committee for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, with representatives from 16 different Church denominations appointed to it, which puts together an Order of Service for the Day of Prayer for us. Each National Committee choses the hymns to be used.

This year, 2017, the theme is Am I being unfair to you? and the service has been prepared by Christian women of the Philippines.

Future Themes:

2018 Suriname        All Gods Creation is very good!

2019 Slovenia        Come - Everything is ready

2020 Zinbabwe      Rise! Take your mat and Walk

2021 Vanuatu         Build on a strong foundation

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