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Partnership of Churches

The Calne Partnership of Churches is a body consisting of the following ecumenically minded Churches: Anglican (Church of England), Baptist, Roman Catholic, Dayspring and Methodist Churches, but all Christian churches are Welcome.
On the committee, there are three to four representatives (including the Clergy) from each Church.
It was formed many years ago, out of recognition and respect for our different traditions within the Christian Faith. The Partnership is committed to praying and working for unity, acknowledging the value and diversity in our ways of worshipping, as Jesus is Lord for all of us. As an expression of Unity, the Partnership supports a number of local and national events:

  • World wide Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
  • One World Week (mindful of the poorer nations)
  • Good Friday expressions of witness
  • Christian Aid Week
  • Joint Lent study groups
  • Hymnns on the Green
  • The Food Bank (short term help for families in crisis - in and around the Calne area - supplying up to three days of food)


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